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Hi Jana,

The experiment works on my browser: I press Space until the sentence disappears from the page (ie. I press space after the last period character of the self-paced reading sentence) and then I click a button on the 5-point scale, at which point a button “Nastavi” shows up and I click it, and it moves to the next trial

I think Alex Drummond (who wrote the code for the DashedSentence controller) included a button you can click to reveal the next word on touchscreen devices rather than pressing space, but if my memory serves me it only shows up on iPhones. You can take a look at this thread on the original Ibex google group forums

FYI, you might want to share your demonstration link rather than your data-collection link here (with /r/ instead of /p/, and a different sequence of characters) so you don’t get data from testruns in your final results file and, more importantly, so we can see the debugger and edit your project to help you troubleshoot the issue