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Is there a way to provide feedback according to the condition of the wrong trial?

Could you pass it in a column? Like newText("negative feedback", variable_practice.negative_feedback ). Or you could map a condition column to each message using a Javascript hash:

newText("negative feedback", {
  appropriate: "Wrong answer!",
  inappropriate: "This sentence is not appropriate because in the picture ABC is depicted",
  infelicitous: "This sentence is not felicitous because blablabla"
}[variable_practice.condition] )

Latin Square: Does the system recognize to load the items belonging to a single group, by simply adding the column “Group” to the template? Should I specify something in the code?

Yes it does: PennController will choose one value out of all the different values listed in the Group column, and only use the rows that contain that selected value in that Group column to generate trials, as explained here

(Should the items belonging to Group 1 be lined up one after the other or is it ok if the table loads line 1 belonging to Group 1, line 2 belonging to Group 2 etc… )

It doesn’t matter how you order your rows. PennController will list the different values in an alphanumeric order, and automatically pick one based on the value of the counter: if you have 3 groups named “A”, “B” and “C” and a participant takes your experiment with a counter value of 5, PennController will only use the rows where the Group column is “C” (because the mapping is {0->A; 1->B; 2->C} and 5 modulo 3 is 2)