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Hi Elias,

There are several different and somewhat advanced questions in your message, I won’t be able to fully address them at the moment. Maybe other users of the forums might be able to help you with them. In the meantime, let me give you pointers:

– The command GetTable().filter lets you subset your tables. You could add a column to your table where you number your items from 1 to 60 and use filter in three different Template commands to generate trials with formats specific to each block in phase 2

– You can use .substring(0,3) on a string to return just the three first characters, e.g. row.Word.substring(0,3). You can use the TextInput element to have people type in text, and the before/after commands to place the Text and TextInput next to each other, or place them on a Canvas element if you need more control on the visual layout

– The Audio element will let you play audio files (which you’ll need to upload to your project or to a host space first, of course). The tutorial illustrates how to use it