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Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for all your help thus far. I have finished phase 1 and phase 3 of my experiment but I am struggling to create phase 2. In phase 2, I will have four separate blocks.

The first block is the participants restudying 15-word pairs just as we did in phase 1. However, the difference is that I only need 15 of the word pairs out of 60 in that specific block. Is there any way to specify that I want that in the program?

The second block is where the participants will study the next 15 words (16-30) where one word will be shown and then only the first three letters of the second word will be shown where they then will have to type in the rest.

Block three and four are replications of one and two respectfulling except i need to have an audio file playing the whole time in the backround.

So the three things that i need help with is how to specify a range of words out of the total list of 60 words, how to only show the first three letters of a words with the rest to fill in, and how to have music play in the backround for block 3 and 4.