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Hi Ana,

The numbers are not random, they match exactly the text from the table’s token column, eg:


Using a custom font is more involved than just uploading a font file to a project’s Resources folder. It requires using the @font-face CSS rule to fetch the font file. The PCIbex Farm won’t allow background access to the font file, it will result in a CORS error (you can, however, download it manually by directly entering the URL in the address bar, but that’s of no help here)

My suggestion is to upload the font file on a domain that won’t throw a CORS error and insert this in the project’s global_main.css file under the Aesthetics folder:

@font-face {
    font-family: "Arial Modified";
    src: url("https://url.toward.the/font.otf") format("opentype");
.PennController-wordtoken {
    font-family: "Arial Modified";

I should note, however, that the Arial font is not under an open license, which means you cannot modify it legally