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I think I made it to solve almost all the issues of this thread, the only thing remaining is that I don’t get a column with RT if I calculate it within the script.

I tried what you suggested:

    newVar("rt", 0).global().set(v=>
    newButton("Click me!").print().wait()
.log("RT", getVar("rt"))

And the newTrial is actually the running trial reading a line of the template.

So as summary: the participant press the spacebar, a picture appears, press the spacebar and a sentence appears, press the spacebar and a ratingscale appears.
Now I am trying to have a column for the time they need to read the sentence, so I want the time from the pressing to load the sentence to the pressing to loading the scale.
So I placed newVar before the first target key press, and getVar after they pressed to load the scale.
Then when the trial ended and there is the all logging of conditions and results I added .log(“RT”..)

The problem is that I don’t see this RT “column” in the results table.
In addition, either that I open the results with plain excel, or that I load them in R with the function, the results are in a format in which each event is a line (press the key, load this and that…everything is a line) and a trial is like the block of ten lines. In this logic I don’t understand how this new RT datum should be formatted, should it appear as a line? If it has to appear as a column then it must add a column RT (meaningless when reading a single line) to each line with the value of RT calculated in that point.

Is there a way to process this result table in a more meaningful way? Like having a line corresponding to a trial, and all the parallel info (like the time to load the instructions, as a column : Time of instructions, which would be constant with the respect to the trial, the instructions are loaded once and that’s it). If a trial is a line, then it would have a sense to a column RT.

I hope I explained the issue sufficiently well.