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Great – thank you Jeremy! I found it in the documents page and will test it out.

Just to report a weird thing happening with the recording’s titles.

We are running an elicited production task with model sentence and prompt appearing on consecutive screen both being recorded individually. What’s happening is that the recording of the prompt is saved under the model sentence example and vice versa.
I’m copying the relevant part of the code below to check if I made and error that might be causing it. Many thanks!!!

Template( "experiment.csv" , row =>
  newTrial( "stimuli" ,
     // Start recording
    newMediaRecorder(row.model+"-words", "audio").log().record()
    newText("instructions", "<strong>"+row.model+"</strong>")
,     newMediaRecorder(row.prompt+"-words", "audio").log().record()
     newText("instructions", "<strong>"+row.prompt+"</strong>")

  // Report which letter this trial is about in the results file
  .log("model", row.model)
  .log("prompt", row.prompt)
  .log("cond", row.cond)
  .log("item", row.item)