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Dear Jeremy,

This trick worked very well for me until recently and now suddenly doesn’t – the only change being that I’m no longer using the PCIbex Farm, I have to run the experiment on a locally hosted IbexFarm server by syncing the git repo to obey local data protection laws.

Here’s the code for the relevant segment of a trial:

    newText("info","<p><i>This is a trial round.</i></p>"),
    newText("premise1", "The girl is holding an ice-cream.")
    newText("premise2", "The boy is holding a cupcake.")
    newText("premise3", "The baby is holding an ice-cream and a cupcake.")
    newButton("next", "NEXT"),
    newCanvas("next1", 250, 250)
        .add(300, 64.5, getButton("next"))


The same code runs on IbexFarm but no longer shuffles the elements. I’ve tried different formats like adding items to the selector using .add() instead, using .disableClicks(), ordering differently, etc. but it makes no difference and I can’t tell what I’m doing wrong. Might it have something to do with the PennController syncing to where I’m running the experiment?

Thank you for your input!