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Thank you for all the information, I will implement your suggestions!

two more things:

1) can I add a fixation point before the sequence of objects appears on the screen on each trial for like 200 ms? Should I use the commands related to the eyetracking tools? I searched the documentation but I haven’t found an entry for fixation point/star.

2) I have implemented a sort of safe pace advance in the experiment, so it’s the participant that makes objects appearing on the screen, now with the space bar.

We are discussing whether to keep everything on the keyboard or use the mouse, is it possible to have the mouse click left button for example as key for advancing without having a button on the screen? Like there is the empty screen or with a fixation point, the user clicks the mouse and the picture appears, clicks and the sentence appear, evaluates by clicking on the scale the empty screen for the next trial appears.

If we go for this solution then I would be interested in trying the mouse tracking options so I will try to add them to catch whether they first evaluated the sentence with 3 points and then changed their mind and evaluated with 2.

Do you think this is doable in principle? (also with this drawback that the university server is set up with ibexfarm and not pcIBEX?)

Thank you!