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Yes, the servers still experience important delays in generating the results files. This is due to multiple factors. The attack monopolized the available resources, and many operations were put on hold, and some are still ongoing at present.

There also are new operations added to the queue every day, including, notably, requests to save important incoming data (sometimes of thousands of lines) which take priority over other operations, but also requests to generate results files, which also use up a good amount of memory.
I seem to notice several requests for results files within less than a second. Users of the farm who fail to get their results or get them very slowly should refrain from clicking multiple times on the Download button(s), of from refreshing the page repeatedly and requesting the results again. All the requests are being received, even if they take time: unfortunately, sending multiple requests will only slow down everything, and you will get your results with an even greater delay

Finally, possibly as a result of the original Ibex farm going down and of the recent attack, our database has now grown significantly. Because of the great amount of results lines in the database, accessing them takes a longer time (incidentally, this is why users receive notifications inviting them to regularly clear their results files from our servers)

Note that, as I am writing this message, the servers are not currently experience slowdowns, but you can expect slowdown episodes to occur again in the near future. I apologize for the inconvenience