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Thank you for your messages. We are aware of the situation. Our servers have been undergoing a DDoS flooding attack for the past few hours (which should be under control now), resulting in delayed processing of requests to save and generate results files. Those requests are currently lagging by approximately 1h30min: if one of your participants completed your study 1h30min ago, their results are being added to our database now. Participants who completed your study more recently will have their results added to our database within the next 1h30min, assuming delays do not accumulate: incoming data are still being processed and should be eventually saved in our database, but with important delays. Your participants may see a confirmation message that their results have been sent to the server, which means that they have been successfully queued for processing, however, the confirmation message does not indicate that the results have been added to our database yet

Please refrain from attempting to accessing your results for now, as each request (whether ultimately successful or not) is likely to incur additional memory load on our servers. You should be able to access your results again within the next 24h

We apologize for the inconvenience