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If the AddHost method works for everything but the Ipad, I would just go with it. It also means that the problem is not coming from where the files are retrieved from (given that they are successfully fetched on PC and Mac) so switching to using a zip file is unlikely to solve the Ipad issue.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to an Ipad myself, so I cannot test your project to troubleshoot this problem. What happens exactly on the Ipad? Do you get a preloading message, and when you start the trial, you have blank spaces instead of images, and no audio playback?

Re. the zip issue, you need to set the CORS properly. I see on your private server that you have a file named .htaccess.txt, but it needs to be named .htaccess, without the .txt extension (documentation page, step 1: “If your editor or operating system does not allow you to give this name to your file, name it htaccess.txt: you will rename it later after uploading it on your server”; step 4: “If you could not use this filename before (due to your operating system’s settings for instance) rename your file .htaccess.”)

The AWS console has an option to set up CORS for your S3 bucket, you need to allow GET requests for