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Hi, Jeremy.

I am trying to clean some demo-results from this demo-experiment:

However, when I clean the results file using the function read.pcibex, some columns get misplaced. It is as if there is some additional column label and all of column labels are pushed to the right. For instance, the column “Value” displays the event time and the column “Event Time” that follows “Value” displays the type of verb that I logged in the script, which is supposed to the in the following column “verb”. I tried to put a print of an image of the table here but it does not work.

Thanks a lot,


2 min later EDIT: I guess I found the mistake. I created a columns with .log in my script only for the experimental items and not for the fillers so, in the end, the column of fillers is pushed towards the columns “verbo” and “número” which are supposed to be empty. The next question is: how do I avoid this? I don’t need such information for the fillers, just for the experimental items.


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