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I get a CORS error when I take your experiment. This means your server does not return the necessary CORS headers. When I try to access your website ( I get a security warning, informing me that your certificate likely expired. This would explain why the CORS request fails, as your website is not considered secure. If your SSL certificate is expired, you should renew it, and see whether uploads succeed again then

Three additional notes:

– the URL you pass to InitiateRecorder points to a PHP file, so in this case it doesn’t really matter that it is an “amazon server”. I thought you were using an API to process the request, as described in this guide

– I strongly encourage you to insert asynchronous UploadRecordings (passing "noblock", ) at regular intervals in your experiment in addition to your final (synchronous) UploadRecorings trial: you have over 700 trials, with one recording per trial, which can rapidly make for a large archive of recordings to upload all at once at the very end of your experiment. Even after fixing the CORS issue, you might still have to wait for several (tens of) minutes on the “Please wait” message before the upload completes. You could include an asynchronous UploadRecordings after each block, for example, so that when you reach the end of your experiment, there is only one block of recordings left to upload

– As far as I can tell, you are unnecessarily duplicating a Template piece of code 12 times, with the only differences being which CSV file you use as a table, and which label you assign to the output trials. My advice is you concatenate all 12 CSV files into a single file, to which you add a “Label” column which will read “block1”, “block2”, …, “block12” for the corresponding rows. Then you can keep a single Template command that will start like this:

Template( "L1_all.csv" ,
     row => newTrial( row.Label ,