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Thank you very much, Jeremy!

Based on the codes you suggested, I am getting closer to what I wanted to do for my experiment: Basically I am trying to create a trial where the two gaps (gap-0 and gap-1) are embedded in a sentence, e.g. “This is ____ and _____.” There will be two draggable items where participants have to decide which item to put in which gap. I have tried various ways to modify the code but I can’t seem to solve the following issues:

1. I cannot make the instruction display on top of the page.
2. I cannot make the two canvases display horizontally. I have the same problem with the two draggable items.
3. Is there a way to present the two canvases in a way that they are embedded in the sentence above: “This is _(gap-0)_ and _(gap-1)_.”?

Thank you very much again for your help!