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Hi Vasilisa,

As explained in the documentation (my emphasis + edit):

This script will take care of receiving and storing encoding data lines in subfolders and one file per participant. It will also output back files where the lines have been decoded. You can directly visit it [NB: your script] through your browser and type in the field that you see the “URL” key that was reported in your results file (something like httpsdomainofmyexperiment/pathtomyexperiment/vEry-l0ng-uniQu3-1dentif1er). Alternatively, you can directly append key at the end of the PHP script’s url (replacing key with the value from your results file) to get the output file — this is the method we will use in our analyses.

In other words, your eye-tracking data will not be stored on the PCIbex Farm, and you should upload a PHP script to your webserver, as described in the documentation. If your PHP script is at, then open this URL in your browser and paste httpsfarmpcibexnetrKFZClH/af8e9d53-10c3-93c6-1799-6412f8639d0f in the input field and click “Submit” to get a CSV data file. Or use to access it directly, as illustrated in the Analyses section