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The first thing I did with my copy of your project was re-activating the Debug popup: by inspecting the Sequence tab, I saw that the last trial is LQB, which means that the other trials are not included at all, ie. they are not skipped upon runtime, they just fail to be created

The Debug window also indicated that your project is running PennController 1.8-dev, in which the self keyword that you use at lines 1197 and 1256 wasn’t defined yet (I was able to identify this specific problem by opening the browser’s web console in which I saw the message “self.test is undefined”)

You can replace the first self with getDropDown("say") and the second one with getDropDown("hear"), or update your version of PennController (the latest version is here). If you choose to go with the latter, make sure you take another test-run of your experiment (with the debugger on—basically keep the debugger on until you are about to compensate your first participant) to check that nothing broke in the process. There shouldn’t be any major problems, but I sometimes bring aesthetic updates with new releases