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Hi Jeremy,

Regarding rshuffle’s, yes indeed, as you say all of them are rshuffle. I don’t know why I typed them here incorrectly. 🙂

The conditional with math.random has its problem, as you pointed, and this can result in problems for the experiment. So, I want to go with your first solution. I am not sure if I understood correctly: should I distribute the experiment with the first Sequence to the first 30 participants and then, change the Sequence in the script to the second one and distribute it to the remaining 30 participants like that? If so, I think this can be a problem because I want to make all participants start at the same time and I won’t be able to change the script.

But still, based on your proposal, I have come up with an idea, for which I have not been able to find the way to implement due to my poor JavaScript skills. How about if I have these two Sequences in my script inside an if-else statement (just as in your second suggestion) and also, keep track of the Counter. But this time, the condition will be the Counter and when it hits 30, the else condition (the second sequence) will start to be given to the participants. And of course, I will update counter at the beginning of the script. I tried it with xVar commands and also with plain var but could not get the variable properly. Is this doable or do you suggest any other way? Thanks a lot.