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Hi Ana,

I’m sorry, I seem to have missed your previous post. By default, group assignment in (PC)Ibex experiments relies on an internal counter, which is increased whenever a submission is complete. Two people starting your experiment before anyone has completed it will be assigned the same group. You can change that behavior by using SetCounter, for example.

Regarding how to read the results lines, here’s an example:

1619789055,744afe76cfc47b2a84daec2adc3d2d3b,PennController,0,0,unlabeled,NULL,Button,Start reading,Click,Click,1619789054361,NULL
1619789055,744afe76cfc47b2a84daec2adc3d2d3b,PennController,0,0,unlabeled,NULL,Controller-DashedSentence,DashedSentence,1,hello,1619789055108,230,false,hello world,Any addtional parameters were appended as additional columns
1619789055,744afe76cfc47b2a84daec2adc3d2d3b,PennController,0,0,unlabeled,NULL,Controller-DashedSentence,DashedSentence,2,world,1619789055108,237,false,hello world,Any addtional parameters were appended as additional columns

The very beginning of the trial happened at timestamp 1619789053581, then I clicked the “Start reading” button at timestamp 1619789054361 (780ms later). I finished reading the DahsedSentence controller at timestamp 1619789055108 (747ms after I clicked the button) and finally clicked the “Finish” button at timestamp 1619789055629. The trial ended at timestamp 1619789055635 (it took 4ms for the engine to wrap things up).

Now, I spent 230ms reading the word “hello” and 237ms reading the word “world,” so I could calculate their display timestamps by subtracting those numbers to the DashedSentence controller’s timestamp, which would give 1619789055108-237=1619789054871 for “world” and 1619789054871-230=1619789054632 for “hello”