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Thank you for taking the time to try to look at this issue I was facing. I really appreciate it.
I am still a bit lost as to what’s causing this, firstly I just replaced the pencontroller.js file with your suggestion, but It apparently it didn’t change anything.
Next I tried compressing the audio files in .zip with another software since you mentioned that it could have something to do with the error. I think that wasn’t effective either, and I could still get the same error.
I also thought of changing the server address for the last resort and that seemed to be working much better although when I asked some friends to pilot it, some still reported the long preloading message and no trial after that again.
Although my audio files are very light, but there are too many of them and I don’t think it’s plausible to use the same-site resource option.
I presume this issue is not very common? I just wished It was easier to tell what’s making the resource preloading in my experiment behave this way before I publish the link for recruiting, so I at least know what I should be fixing.