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Hi all,

In my experiment I have over 800 audio files (in total for 8 groups) and the preloading messages would get in the way of the trials frequently, so I ruled out the option of loading the files from the pcibex resources completely, and I decided to use the PreloadZip as it was recommended. I know the zip files are downloaded without a problem because the message comes up in the log section of the debugger. Also, if I try to load them individually with a filename in quotation everything is fine. So far I think I’ve been having the same exact problem, except I really tried to find a misspelling or typo in any of the rows of the csv, but it seems like I can’t find any mismatches in the filenames.
I cloned the experiment yesterday, and it seemed to be working fine in the new slug at first for a couple of times. I made it to the end and all trials loaded successfully, but now I get this error in the console of the developer mode (after the preloading message stays on the screen for a while): “Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: this.resource.object is null”. Furthermore, I even tried different devices with different IPs and the problem persists.
I was assuming it has to be the server I’m using to host the zip files, that maybe it gives connection timeouts after trying to access it repeatedly in a short time… but if they’re downloaded completely, it surely can’t be it? I was really having a hard time detecting the cause of the problem, so I can fix it before distributing the link to participants. Any ideas where the root of the problem might be?

Thank you so much for your time!

This is a link to the test experiment, just in case.