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Thanks a lot for all the help, Jeremy.

The "experiment" in the code referred to the Sequence of presentation, which is as follows:
Sequence("TCLE" (consent), "info","instructions", "treino" (trainning),"experiment", SendResults(), "end")

I managed to creat all the parts pre-experiment and they are working really well. The problem is really in the "experiment" part, that is why I repeated it within newTrial. I made the changes you suggested and understood why row.cond + "-" + row.item makes no sense in my project. And yes, about dist it was a mistake, because I was changing to fillers in Brazilian Portuguese distratores, which is how it is coded in my table. But I turned it back to English, as fillers. So everything runs very well but it gets "experiment" does not open at all.

        conditions = [
        pick(randomize(startsWith("A")), 1),
        pick(randomize(startsWith("B")), 1),
        pick(randomize(startsWith("C")), 1),
        pick(randomize(startsWith("D")), 1),
        pick(randomize(startsWith("E")), 1),
        pick(randomize(startsWith("F")), 1),
        pick(randomize(startsWith("G")), 1),
        pick(randomize(startsWith("H")), 1)
        .sort( ()=>Math.random()-0.5)
    fillers = randomize(startsWith("dist"))

    conditions[0], pick(fillers,1),
    conditions[1], pick(fillers,1),
    conditions[2], pick(fillers,1),
    conditions[3], pick(fillers,1),
    conditions[4], pick(fillers,1),
    conditions[5], pick(fillers,1),
    conditions[6], pick(fillers,1),
    conditions[7], pick(fillers,1)
    row => newTrial("experiment",
        newController("DashedSentence", {s: row.sentence})
            .css("font-size", "20px")
            .css("font-family", "Calibri")