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Dear Jeremy,

thank you so much for your answer! I do not know exactly what I did, but the problem was fixed.
Along the process, I have encountered a new, mysterious problem: The number of intended experimental trials in the CSV file does not show up as expected in the experiment. To be more precise, there are 120 trials that I want to include in the experiment, but only 80 show up and there is no reason why the last 40 ones would not show up. Honestly, I cannot think of any reason why this would happen. I suspected it could have been the fault of the CSV, but then I tried filling it with the same sentence and condition sets 120 times and the problem persisted.

I have also checked the Table from the Debugger Window and it turns out all rows are read properly into Ibex. It’s just that they do not show up in the Sequence.

I would be very grateful for your input on this!
Thank you so much!

Best wishes,