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Hi Juliana,

When using the DashedSentence option with a Controller element, the EventTime column reports the exact same value for all the rows: it corresponds to when the Controller element was completed, so in the case of DashedSentence it corresponds to the end of the whole sentence.

PennController automatically sorts rows for each trial based on their EventTime column, but since they all have the same value for the Controller element, different browsers will default to different strategies.

If you need to retrieve the real event time for each word, you should use the extra Reading time column (3rd after EventTime, if I’m not mistaken) to calculate it. For example, because you have five chunks, the EventTime column for the last chunk is already accurate, but for the fourth chunk, you’d need to subtract the Reading time value from the fifth column, and for the third chunk, you’d need to also subtract the Reading time value from the fourth column, and so on.

Let me know if you have any questions