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I’m not entirely sure what “slide 13/15/17” mean in that context, because I don’t know how many trials your different Template commands generate. I don’t know what the “etc.” stands for either, since you only have three trials labeled questions, so I would expect that you only need three insertions.

Here I will be assuming that you have a total of 26 trials labeled experiment and that you want to randomly insert one of your three trials labeled questions after 12 experiment trials, another one after one other experiment trial and the last one after yet another experiment trial, and finally run the 12 remaining experiment trials. I will be using the pick function as suggested in my message above:

questions = randomize("questions")
experiment = randomize("experiment")

Sequence( "welcome", "SampleSlides", 
  pick(questions,1), // 13
  pick(questions,1), // 15
  pick(questions,1), // 17

By the way, you have two Sequence commands in your code: only one (the last one, I think) will be effective when running your experiment, so you better delete the second one (Sequence( randomize("questions") ))