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Hi Jeremy,

I’m jumping in for Aliona (collaborator), as she’s done for the day. Our problem is that we do want to have a line break, but our ‘cumulative’ function seems to not respect the sentence chunk boundaries once the sentence chunks are revealed. In other words, when ‘dashed’, a sentence chunk will not be split across two lines. However, once the chunk is revealed, one word that might be able to fit on the first line jumps up there, and so the sentence chunk is split (and the boundaries are not consistent between ‘dashed’ and revealed).

So basically, we want to tell ‘cumulative’ to not allow a revealed chunk to be spilt across two lines (I hope that’s clear…?). An alternative could be to force a line break after x number of sentence chunks, although this wouldn’t be ideal, as there’s likely lots of variability between participants’ screen dimensions.

If it helps, I can e-mail you a link to our current set-up.