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-I moved (whichtense) also for the fillers MC following the same codes and it works fine. but they still have NA for the three columns CQcorrect, RQcorrect, MCcorrect although I set that in my pcibex script.

If you did not generate your filler items using a Template but still used something like .log( "CQcorrect" , row.CQcorrect ) on your filler trial, then you got NAs because there is simply no row for row to point to

-I also moved choose(for nationality) and choose2 (for English level) and that worked in the correct_which_results but appear with NA in the main tmp ! I do not really know why!

Your choose and choose2 Scale elements were not present in every single trial, but only as part of a non-test, non-filler initial trial. The code for correct_which_results picks the answers to yesnocorrect, scalecorrect and whicharticle for every single trial and reports them as additional columns for the DashedSentence lines corresponding to the same trial.

If you are not familiar with the dplyr package, you should read the documentation so you get a better sense of what the code above does. I also used the tidyr package because it contains the spread function that transforms pairs of columns from multiple rows into multiple columns on a single row.

I tried also to have a column of the groups which defined by the PennElementName (TextInput2) but I got this message:
Error: Each row of output must be identified by a unique combination of keys.
Keys are shared for 144 rows:
Although I deleted row number 10 because it has the same name (TextInput2) of row 11, but that did not solve the problem.

This is basically the same problem: TextInput2 is only defined for trial #1, so you need to adapt the code to that. Also, you have two lines for TextInput2 for every participant, you only want to keep the second one, the one for which Parameter is Final.