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Hi Masato,

Recent versions of PennController automatically insert a page inviting to download an archive containing the MediaRecorder samples in case the upload failed. It could explain why the message you see is different from what you expect; it also makes the use of DownloadRecordingButton redundant in this case

As with other texts in PennController, I have not yet implemented a standard method to edit the messages printed on that page, so you’ll need to use this hack:

const replaceUploadingErrorMessage = ()=>{
    const uploadingErrorMessage = $(".PennController-PennController p:nth-child(2)");
    if (uploadingErrorMessage.length > 0 && uploadingErrorMessage[0].innerHTML.match(/^There was an error uploading the recordings:/))
        uploadingErrorMessage.html("Une erreur s'est produite lors du transfert :")
            .siblings(".Message-continue-link").html("Cliquez ici pour télécharger l'archive de vos enregistrements et les envoyer manuellement.");
        window.requestAnimationFrame( replaceUploadingErrorMessage );

Let me know if you have questions