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Maria Evjen

Hi Jeremy,

I see, that makes sense! I implemented the code above, but I am still having some issues. Now the pictures aren’t showing at all and both the trigger audio file and the target voicing audio file are not playing. Under the Error tab of the Debugger, I am getting the same errors as before saying “No audio to play for element ;sg_voicing” or “No audio to play for element ;pl_voicing” for each test trial. In some trials, the devoicing file is not played either, and as before, the Selector is not working either.

When I was playing around with it trying to see if I needed to change something, I copied the newAudio and newImage files to the templates in addition to having them in the const declarations like this to see if it helped:

Template(defaultTable.filter(r => r.Type=="alt" ), row =>
    newTrial( "alt" ,
    newImage("sg_picture", variable.SgPictureFile),
    newImage("pl_picture", variable.PlPictureFile),
    newAudio("sg_voicing", variable.SgVoicingFile),
    newAudio("pl_voicing", variable.PlVoicingFile),
            .success( ...alt_training_trial(row) )
            .failure( ...alt_test_trial(row) )
    .log("phase", getVar("phase") )
    .log( "sg_picture", row.SgPictureFile )
    .log("Item", row.Item)

When I did this, the test trials ran as they should with both pictures showing, the first picture being removed, and all the sound files playing, but the Selector did not work for the plural target trials. Also, this added the .remove() problem to the training trials for some reason. I don’t know if this helps to figure out what the problem is, but I figured I would include it nevertheless.

Thanks again!