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If you don’t use randomize, you need to use seq to convert the label string into a sequence of trials. Then, pick will always pick the first trial(s) in that sequence, because you won’t have applied randomization first.

The number of trials you pick is determined by the number you pass to pick and is not related to whether you randomized the trials or not. So if you do this:

trials = seq("trials")
Sequence( pick(trials,1), "break", pick(trials,1), "break", pick(trials,1) )

newTrial("trials", newButton("Trial 1").print().wait() )
newTrial("trials", newButton("Trial 2").print().wait() )
newTrial("trials", newButton("Trial 3").print().wait() )

newTrial("break", newButton("Break").print().wait() )

You’ll always see Trial 1 first, then the break trial, then Trial 2, then the break trial again, and finally Trial 3. If you replaced seq with randomize in the code above, you’d still only have one trial before/after the break trials, but the order would be random, eg. Trial 3 – Break – Trial 1 – Break – Trial 2