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Maria Evjen

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you so much for your reply! This is exactly what I want to do, and I’ve managed to implement most of it in my script. I just have one more question: in the training part of the experiment, I have three templates with trials labelled “alt”, “non”, and “fil” (corresponding to your “test” and “filler”) and I have made the following variables:

alt = randomize(“alt”)
non = randomize(“non”)
fil = randomize(“fil”)

picked_alt = pick(alt, 29)
picked_non = pick(non, 17)
picked_fil = pick(fil, 18)

repeat_alt = pick(randomize(picked_alt), 15)
repeat_non = pick(randomize(picked_non), 5)
repeat_fil = pick(randomize(picked_fil), 10)

I then use rshuffle on the picked_alt, picked_non, and picked_fil variables in my Sequence. This part of the experiment works perfectly!

My issue is that my testing trials have a different template than my training trials. Parallel to the training phase, my testing phase contains three templates, one for each of “alt”, “non”, and “fil”, but if I label these using the same names as in the training phase, my test trials are getting mixed in with my training trials. But if I label them something else, e.g. “test_alt” etc., I don’t know how to implement these trials in the variables above and still make sure that I can pick the repeat items and the remaining items in my table.

Thanks in advance!