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Then you might also be interested in the EyeTracker element, although it’s important to note that it’s still very much an experimental feature and I don’t know that anyone has collected actual data with it yet (as noted on the linked page, one problem is cross-browser compatibility, which seriously compromises the recruitment of paid participants).

I’ll try to get to the documentation in the coming days, but you can already use the MouseTracker element: it is included in PennController, there’s just no documentation entry for it at the moment. Here’s an example of how to use it in one trial:

  newButton("Start").print("center at 50vw", "middle at 50vh").wait().remove()
  newCanvas("left", "40vw", "40vh").css("background","red").print("center at 25vw", "middle at 50vh"),
  newCanvas("right", "40vw", "40vh").css("background","blue").print("center at 75vw", "middle at 50vh"),
  newSelector("choice").add( getCanvas("left") , getCanvas("right") ).log().wait()