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Dear Ana-Maria,

There actually is a MouseTracker element in PCIbex, but it is not documented yet. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll start writing the documentation. The only caveat is that it can quickly produce massive results files (because it stores coordinates every tens of milliseconds) so you want to make sure you only track during informative periods.

I’m not aware of studies comparing RTs online vs in-lab (not to say there aren’t, see reference in your own message!), but since (PC)Ibex is based on javascript, it will come with the same lag that is described in the paper you cite. Depending on the nature of your investigation, a 25ms lag may or may not be a serious concern. Florian Schwarz and I for example have conducted online visual-world experiments where participants select one of two images after listening to a sentence; RTs were of the order of seconds, and we found significant differences across conditions, in the order of hundreds of milliseconds. You can also check this message by Florian on the forums for references about work from David Embick’s lab on lexical priming.