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Hi Jesse,

PennController downloads the eyetracking library directly from webgazer’s website, and unfortunately they don’t seem to make newer releases retro-compatible, which is why some scripts that used to work can break with webgazer updates. Anyway, just follow the first note of the documentation page (ie. upload this file to your project) and you should be able to run the experiment through your PCIbex account (the PHP script only matters for sending the data to the server, but the actual task should still go through)

As far as I can tell BlueHost offers the same kind of services as DreamHost, so I don’t see any reason to switch your hosting platform. As long as you know how to upload files (eg. PHP script files) to your webspace and set permissions, which you can do with FTP clients like FileZilla for example, the documentation should get you there. I think you may also need to have a secure domain (ie. https) but other than that the setup should be pretty minimal.

I know of at least one other lab that’s looked into the eyetracker feature, but they haven’t collected actual data with it yet. There’s a Slack channel where people can chat about this, let me know if you’re interested in joining it by sending an email at