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Hi Peiyao,

1) As I said, when you click on a button using an external mouse, your cursor will tend to keep moving for a few tens or hundreds milliseconds even after the click. If we didn’t have any timeout, the script would detect such late moves and thus make the cursor visible again almost immediately after hiding it, which would defeat the purpose. Feel free to set it to 500ms (or even lower), I can see how 1s can be too long of a delay

2) Not sure what is happening, it works when I add this after the last call():

newTooltip("tooltip", "Hello world").print().wait()

Do you happen to have a big transparent Canvas element on which you place your color patches? If you remove the color patches after moving the mouse over them, but don’t remove the big container Canvas, maybe your tooltip is actually placed behind it and clicks don’t make it through—there are multiple solutions, one would be to use .css("pointer-events","none") on the transparent Canvas