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Hi again Jeremy,

I have successfully been using code similar to that detailed in #5684 to allow the participant to quit via a button that’s present in any given trial. I’ve since added a section to the success of the getScale(“quit”) that allows the participant to provide feedback via a newTextInput element, just before a Send_Results() function call. The logging seems to work fine with the same code at the end of my experiment (I have a separate trial for feedback before sending results), but the same code in the header does not seem to log correctly. This makes me think that properly logging an item must be tied to the header/trial actually completing in full, as currently if they quit the last bit of code in my header just waits indefinitely on a text telling them to return to the Prolific window they came from. Do you have any idea how I might prompt an addition of their feedback to the results file mid header?



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