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Hi Jeremy,

All working fine now. One minor thing I’ve noticed is that the feedback message for (wrong) choices in the maze task doesn’t show. Does it require a particular setting in the Template? I think it’s what is called “errorMessage” / “error_message” and “normalMessage” / “normal_message” in MazeSeparator.js. In the ibex task, the participants press a key to continue from the feedback to the next trial. In my experiment, there is currently a 750ms/500ms ISI (which I actually like because they don’t have to click anything). Although a brief flash of “oops!” for incorrect responses might also be an option, possibly as a reminder of participants to be attentive. Would an if-statement in the Template do that trick? I tried to add .failure(newText("oops!")) to no avail:

Template("training.csv", row =>

        newController("Maze", {s: row.Sentence, a: row.Distractor})

Thanks, it’s only minor. I’m quite happy!