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Hi Jeremy,

I’ve tried it and at the beginning it was working but after three times I tried it stopped working. However, I now think that the problem is not with ‘SendResults()’ but with ‘ending’ the trial when they click the exit button. Let me try to explain:

When clicking the ‘exit’ button, according to the debug Window, the program should execute:

getVar("shouldquit").set(true), end()

Instead, what it does is just:


And it never reaches the ‘end()’ function, so it gets stuck there. In fact, it does the same it did when I had my ‘SendResults()’ there (that is, to get stuck before the important piece, be it ‘end()’or ‘SendResults()’). I feel there is something that does not let it continue (maybe the MediaRecorder? But I’ve tried to remove it and it had no effect)…

My temporary solution right now has been this one:

newTrial( "trytoquit" ,

and to suppress the warning message of not sending results more than once through the code you provided in another post. In that way it does not save when you press ‘exit’ but at least it saves at the end of each trial (which makes result file super long, and makes me afraid of interfering with some other process of the program thus making it crash from somewhere else, but lets me get the data)…

Again, thanks a million.