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Hi Nickolas,

Adding ?withsquare=N to experiment.html will not override the internal counter, only is able to handle this, so your experiment probably breaks because of a mismatch between the value of the internal counter and whatever you do with withsquare in your script (eg. retrieving it using GetURLParameter). If you need to use withsquare, always use it with

Could you use .log to add a tag (effectively, a value in an extra column) to the lines of your last trial? Alternatively you could also give it a unique label, e.g. “final.” Or note down its ID number by taking the experiment yourself once and use it in your analyses.

The CSS of the progress bar is defined in global_main.css—if you can’t directly modify this file, you should be able to upload a file named global_z.css and override the rules (use !important if necessary).

You can define the value of the variable sendingResultsMessage to modify the corresponding text, as documented here


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