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Hi again Jeremy,

I think there was an issue with sending my experiment links from my email or my gmail to and It said they were not deliverable due to being unverified addresses? I think we are going to handle group assignment with separate prolific experiments anyways now, but something I noticed about the withsquare URL parameter is that it works no matter what if I append “ExperimentName/”, but sometimes breaks if I only use “ExperimentName/experiment.html?withsquare=0” and the counter is not deleted beforehand.

Some other miscellaneous questions I’ve had in finishing up the experiment are:
Is it possible to append a tag to every line of the log on the final trial (and send_results function call) of my experiment? I am sending results on every trial in an effort to retain information should the participant quit early, but I still haven’t found a great way to indicate the relevant final chunk of logged items in my results file.

Also, is there a way to make the progress bar larger / move its position on screen, and adjust or remove the “Sending results to server…” text?