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This was very helpful but I am encountering a minor problem with the the Break trial as it was described in this thread and the linked one. My experiment has 63 trials and the number of breaks I want to include doesn’t cleanly fit into that number (I also don’t need to give the participant a break after they have completed all 63 trials, they can just reach the end of the experiment at that point.
I first tried to give breaks every 16 trials in the hopes that it would give a break at 16, 32, and 48, and since my .csv file only has 63 trials it would skip doing a fourth break since no 64th trial exists but I still get the break occurring. I even tried 17 just to see if it had something to do with 63 being so close to 64 and it still occurred.

For reference, the code I am using is

function SepWithN(sep, main, n) {
    this.args = [sep,main]; = function(arrays) {
        assert(arrays.length == 2, "Wrong number of arguments (or bad argument) to SepWithN");
        assert(parseInt(n) > 0, "N must be a positive number");
        let sep = arrays[0];
        let main = arrays[1];

        if (main.length <= 1)
            return main
        else {
            let newArray = [];
            while (main.length){
                for (let i = 0; i < n && main.length>0; i++)
                for (let j = 0; j < sep.length; ++j)
            return newArray;
function sepWithN(sep, main, n) { return new SepWithN(sep, main, n); }

And my sequence looks like this:

Thanks for the help,

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