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Hi Jeremy,

I added the code above to my script and it works well, thank you so much for the assist.
While I was setting it up, I noticed a few things that I wanted to ask you about:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I remember seeing somewhere else on the forums that using a URL with “?withsquare=N” will set up your template with values corresponding to whatever rows are associated with Group = N+1 in the CSV files provided (eg withsquare=0 -> group 1). In my case, I have the pairings of main experiment audio files in one CSV (“main” trial template), and those for the catch trials in another (“catch” trial template). Calling ShuffleInChunks(“main”,14,”catch”,1) in my sequence to have 15 trial “blocks” works as intended. However, I noticed that for some reason every time I reopened the experiment to test, the files associated with the catch trial CSV were being preloaded just fine and the files for the main experiment trials were not. This seemed strange as all of the audio was supposed to be coming from the same successfully downloaded zip file in my AWS bucket. After making sure it wasn’t anything to do with my main.js code, I noticed a counter present under the counter section of my PCIbex experiment page and that it was at a number much higher than any of the group or withsquare numbers I would use. After deleting this, the preloading of all of the files works fine. It breaks after trying to reload the page without deleting it though. Any ideas on how to handle this? I don’t think it was ever an issue before adding this function in…

The other thing I noticed is that so long as I have the modifyRunningOrder function uncommented, it appears to run (I’ve changed it’s functionality from inserting catch trials every 15 and breaks every 30 to just adding the breaks). Is that to be expected? I thought I would need to do something like modifyRunningOrder(ShuffleInChunks(“main”,14,”catch”,1)) in my sequence to have it add breaks properly. The intended effect is taking place, I’m just curious why it would be running without me explicitly calling it.

Thanks again for the help, I really appreciate it!