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Thanks so much for the suggestion! Actually, thanks to your comment, I was able to figure out what the issue was! It didn’t actually have anything to do with the quotation marks (I didn’t have any and I had also tried adding them in just in case, which of course didn’t help). However, your comment got me thinking that if you had the same problem, but the origin of it was in your csv file, then the origin of my problem might be in my csv file too. Prior to that, I had been working under the assumption that I’d made a coding errors within PCIbex (because I do make a lot of coding errors in PCIbex). As it turns out I made a coding errors in Python when automating the process of creating the csv file for PCIbex use. Ultimately, I slightly misnamed all of the filler sentences.

I’m still getting some of the same kind of error, but there are far fewer of them and I think it’s all just different variations of the same misnaming issue.

Anyway, I feel silly for posting on this forum when it was such a careless mistake, but at the same time, your comment helped me spot my error, so thank you so much!! XD