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Okay, that seems to have solved the problem. I have one minor question now that the code is executing properly.
The way my code is currently set-up, it draws the text I want and immediately after it draws the button to continue, and depending on the what you helped me with that button will be one of two different buttons. When the test fails, button drawn ends the loop and the next trial occurs and all of the old text gets removed, but when the test succeeds, clicking the button to go to the comprehension question draws the comprehension question and then a different button that will end the loop. I was previously hoping that by specifying what items I wanted removed inside the parentheses of the .remove() line would make it remove those items but now that the code is executing properly that doesn’t do anything and the .remove() command just removes whatever it is attached to. When the test succeeds and getButton("FTButton2") appears, upon clicking it I want both the button itself to be removed as well as the previous command getText("FullText") to be removed. Is there a command to remove previously drawn text sort of like what happens when a trial completes and a new loop starts?

Thanks again for all of the help,