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Hi Cindy,

PennController displays scale buttons as cells in an HTML <table> element, which are a pain to handle in CSS… Maybe I’ll revise this in the next release of PennController. In the meantime, one CSS solution would be to add this to PennController.css:

.Scale-scaleButton {
    padding-right: 5em;

EDIT: actually, if you are using radio buttons the CSS solution is not too bad, just use .Scale-label instead of .Scale-scaleButton

That solution is not ideal though, as it will effectively expand the width of each button by 5em. Another solution would be to print the answer options as Text elements on a Canvas and group them in a Selector:

    newText("Will you dance with me?").print()
        .add( 0 , 5 , newText("Yes") )
        .add( "right at 100%" , 5 , newText("No") )
        .add( getText("Yes") , getText("No") )
        .test.selected( getText("Yes") )
        .success( newText("Hurray!").print() )
        .failure( newText("Too bad...").print() )