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Hi Jeremy,

thanks for your reply. What I didn’t like about DashedSentence was the format of the results file output (it printed new column header labels for each trial–I know that would be fixed once I get my data into R, but I wanted to tidy things up for my test runs). I figured out newController based on your comment, but decided to just use Option 2 (recreated DashedSentence based on your code), and it worked great.

I had arrays of variable in the s parameter because I wanted to present the sentence in chunks, rather than word-by-word (each variable contained one chunk). In case anybody else stumbles upon this thread wanting to do something similar, I was able to adapt your reproduction of DashedSentence (from Option 2) by changing let words = sentence.split(' ') to let words = sentence.split('*'). Then I added an asterisk (*) to my .csv file to indicate where the chunk boundaries should be.

Here’s my adaptation (including setting the font to Courier):

dashed = (sentence, remove) => {
    let words = sentence.split('*'),  blanks =>w.split('').map(c=>'_').join('') );
    let textName = 'dashed'+words.join('');
    // We'll return cmds: the first command consists in creating (and printing) a Text element with dashes
    let cmds = [ newText(textName, blanks.join(' ')).print() .settings.css("font-family","courier")]; // COURIER as font
    // We'll go through each word, and add two command blocks per word
    for (let i = 0; i <= words.length; i++)
    cmds = cmds.concat([ newKey('dashed'+i+words[i], " ").log().wait() , // Wait for (and log) a press on Space
    getText(textName).text(,n)=>(n==i?words[n]:w)).join(' ')) ]); // Show word
    if (remove)  // Remove the text after the last key.wait() is parameter specified
    return cmds;

and then later inside a PennController.Tempalte() I called on ‘dashed’:

...dashed(variable.critical, "remove")

Worked great, thanks!