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In terms of aesthetics, I can’t find anywhere how I can put boxes around a canvas. Do I need to add a separate script for that into the chunk_includes/resources? Or is there a way I can write that in my main script in such a way that all canvases are boxed?

You can use the standard .settings.css or .settings.cssContainer commands. To make it a default on every Canvas element in your current trial, use defaultCanvas in the script of your current trial. If you want to make it a default on everyCanvas element for every trial in your script, place the command in PennController.Header:

        .settings.cssContainer("outline", "solid 2px black")

Or you can have a PennController.css file in your Aesthetics folder (css_includes on Ibex Farm) with the following script:

.Canvas-container {
    outline: solid 2x black;

Note: I use outline rather than border because the latter can mess with the actual size of the element (outline adds inner borders).

See the Aesthetics documentation page for more details.


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