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Hi Leo,

Thanks for the feedback. What do you think should be a consistent behavior? Should there always be two lines in the results file when you pass both “first” and “last”? If so, should there be a value somewhere in the line reporting “first” / “last” / “first-last” (in case only one selection happens) / “NA” (in case no selection happens)?

In your case, as I was suggesting earlier, I would advise using a different scale on replay if it’s an option: this way, the two lines in the results file will have different names (the code from my previous message will generate two lines: one named ‘firstScale’ and one named ‘secondScale’). It will also ensure you always have two lines (Choice will read NA if no selection ever happened on a logged scale).

Oh and also, just a reminder: “first” means the very first time the participant clicks the scale. This means that if your participant clicks on the scale more than once before validating the first presentation of the scale, and then goes on to replaying everything and clicks again on the (now unselected) scale, passing “first” to log will not log the value selected on the scale when the participant validated the first presentation (instead, it will log the first value that was selected, before they changed their mind). One more reason to use two different Scale elements.

Thanks for the note on the button.wait page, I fixed the code.

Let me know if you have any questions,


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