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Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for this information!

I am confused about the code you provided, though.
What are the buttons for?
What do the i and ii indicate?
How would we integrate this with a template? If the .csv file contains rows in which the conditions are typeA, typeB, and typeC, for instance? Where in this code does the template go? Or would we have to read in all of the types separately with separate templates?

Would this be a thing that would be labeled and then called in the normal ibex ShuffleSequence?
e.g. something like:
PennController.Sequence( randomizeExcludeSequence( anyOf(“typeA”, “typeB”, “typeC”) , “typeA”, “typeC” ) ).label(“allitems”)
where the ShuffleSequence goes seq(“instructions”, “practice”, “allitems”, “end_experiment”) or something?