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Hi Roberto,

When I try to use your PreloadZip command with the URL that you give, my browser gives me a CORS error, suggesting that there might be a problem with your .htaccess configuration. Did you make sure that the .htaccess file is in the exact same folder as your zip file? (i.e.
Also, did you check that your file is indeed named .htaccess and has no extension that could be hidden when you’re browsing your files? For example, if you created it using a text editor, it could be that its actual name is .htaccess.txt. The initial . is necessary as well.

A note on PennController.CheckPreloaded: this command creates a trial labeled unlabeled by default. You must indicate when in your sequence the CheckPreloaded trial should appear (i.e. at what point in the experiment it becomes crucial that the resources are preloaded before proceeding). If you want to use a specific label, use the label command.